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yes i finally came up with my modern au les amis headcanon

I couldn’t find one since I started liking the movie. As I stated before, I couldn’t imagine Enjolras being comitted to anything in a way he was in the book, because seriously, what can be compared to sacrifing your and your friends lives. But two things inspire me to think about it thoroughly.

First, this fanfiction. If you read it, you see it’s not really as much about Enjolras being Enjolras or les amis. It’s more about the E/R relationship. But the idea of Enjolras leading some sort of hacktivist group is amazing. And then, there was this picture.

First things first. Hacktivists. I can see Enjolras as this rich, young man who leads this sort of Anonymous group. We know in the book his only love was France, we know how he fought for the social justice of fellow men. He fought with strenght and stubborness and with knowledge that he is leading his friends and himself to death. He’s been ruthless (killing Le Cabuc). So I can see him hacking into richest and influential, corrupted people of the world. But not only in France. We live in a world where more than ever, due to the unions and treaties when one country decided to do something, other countries are entangled in it too. (Take for example US’ wars and the terrorists attacks not only in US, but in other countries that help US, too.) So his France would be the whole world. But he wouldn’t be that guy who only sits in front of the screen and forces his friends to do so. He, as we know from the book, is a son of a rich man. Here nothing would change. He would be rich, he would be able to financially aid people. He could travell on instant to countries in which he thought he could help lead riots. He would expose corruption and under red and black, their marking, he would participate and lead not only as a “safer” hacktivists’ fights, but also in bloody and dirty and physical ones. Don’t underestimate me- I don’t think of him as this dude in a superredandblackmobile that goes wherever a child or woman cries and kills the bad guys. But he just won’t stop at hacking, though I must admit- if you are a hacker good enough, maybe it will be enough to change a lot.

This is one side.

The other would be more of Jehan’s “care”. Encouraging people to speak. Not to fight, when they are not ready, when unsure. But to speak under the cover of the night, to speak up Banksy style and pranks(like the one linked before). Magazines and blogs and accounts everyone to spread “everyone can change the world, and it’s your duty to do it, because you can, and should, do it even if you’re not the one for demonstrations and fights”. Enjolras wouldn’t care much about this side of the project, though. It would be Jehan’s/Feuilly’s “pet” project.

Enjolras would almost never sleep, had thousands of electronical devices as he is always needed in this or that time zone. His back would hurt and his eyes would be red from screens.

And Grantaire would join them at the Uni, when he stumbles upon them on one of his usual pub riots. He would be taken with the idea of graffitis. He’s full of references and knowledge of the classics, he would recite you all speeches from the past in a mocking way. He knows his books and artsy movies and comics and all the underground musicans well(he knows half of the artists and musicans cause he drunk with them). But ask him who is the president of this or that country, what is the government body or the system and he has no idea, as he doesn’t care for the news. He knows history and this is enough, and history repeats all the time and there is no place for changes. 

so so sosoo my basic headcanon is set and im happy ugh guhgh i have to learn moremoremore about the rest of the boys so i could set up more sensible headcanons bah

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